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Spit Dash n Dip Results

For the Dashers, 5km run from the crabbing bridge to Hurst Castle and back.

For the Dippers, the same run, but concluding with a refreshing dip in The Solent.

The overall winner can only be a dipper, (albeit everyone taking part is a winner!). 


Name Time Dash Dip
Chris Collins 35:47   X
Richard Edwards 35:12 X  
Perry Letcher 33:19   X
Gary Lock 29:42 X  
Roger Middle 33:14   X
Rachael Oxby 33:48   X
Gemma Russhard 30:30 X  
Paul Russhard 24:33   X
Matthew Brearley 27:11   X
Matt Cafferky 26:37 X  
Ron Wilson 35:20 X  
Stuart Graves 29:40 X  
Adrian  29:05 X  
Mel Hobson 33:48 X  
Phill Brown 28:11 X  
Beresford Kennedy 32:35   X


Name Time Dash Dip
Chris Collins 26:10   X
Derek Lee 34:10   X
Ron Wilson 32.47 X  
Roger Middle 25:34   X
Gary Lock 24:39 X  
Mel Hobson 32:49 X